Professional Stove and Fireplace Chimney Systems Installations

At Granaghan fireplaces we use Stovax’s professional XQ to safely install stoves and fireplaces.  The professional XQ fitting system  incorporatesb 6 flue diameters from 125mm – 300mm, along with a complete range of fixings and accessories, Professional XQ™ can be configured to suit virtually any installation requirement.

The fully sealed chimney system offers not only water tight protection for the insulation within, but also protection during handling from cuts and abrasions that can be caused by normally sharp flue edges.

The Professional XQ™ range with Twist-Lock connection, allows for quicker, easier and safer installation, with more versatility than other leading brands.

Flu Designer

All external components in the Professional XQ™ range can be powder coated to virtually any colour of your choice. This enables you to match any requirements that may have been set by local planning authorities or to any specific aesthetic requirements you may have of your own. Strictly for internal applications, we also offer a heat resistant, textured matt black finish, which can be installed right down to your stove or fireplace.

Key Features

  • Easy to install Twist-Lock system
  • Weatherproof, fully sealed components
  • Suitable for internal & external applications
  • High density, mineral wool insulation
  • Made from high grade stainless steel
  • -316L stainless steel inner wall for the highest corrosion resistance
  • -304L stainless steel outer wall in an attractive, polished finish
  • Innovative decorative components
  • All components are available in a wide range of colours

Innovative Decorative Components

Offering an aesthetic solution to the unsightly joins and untidy edges often associated with a typical twin wall installation, the Decorative Single to Twin Adapter/Increaser has been designed to improve the connection between single skinned enamelled flue pipe and the XQ twin wall system to provide a seamless join with no untidy edges.

Likewise, and to ensure a clean finish to a hole through a ceiling, the Decorative Ceiling Cover Plate is secured by magnets to the ceiling plate, is supplied in powder coated white and has no visible fixings.

Quality Assured

The Professional XQ™ range has been tested and approved by BSRIA to all the requirements of EN 1856-1:2003 and the general requirements of BS EN 1443:2003. The Firestops have been tested and approved to BS476 Part 20:1987 and comply with all the relevant fire rating requirements for stability and integrity.

Stovax Professional XQ™ has HETAS approval. The Professional XQ™ range is CE approved by TUV SUD with the following designation:

T450 N1 VmL50050 G50

The components are made from 0.5mm thick, high grade stainless steel. All products are corrosion and sootfire resistant with a minimum distance to combustible materials of 50mm.

Additional Guidelines Produced by Fireplaces N.I to Support the Safe Installation of Fireplaces, Hearths and Back panels.

 A proposed location survey is recommended before installation to ensure that the product is fit for purpose and complies with all relevant regulations.

 The chimney and flue must be in accordance with building regulations and any rules in force with suitable sized builders opening and flues, and for the correct suitability for your chosen fireplace. Chimneys and flues must be swept and tested by an approved chimney sweep prior to installation.

Fixing brackets/lock wire/screws and plugs must be used during installation to attach main frame of fireplace securely to the wall.

Heavy duty heat proof silicone/marble glues can be used to fix shelf but must be fixed to both wall and mating piece underneath.

The fireplace must therefore be completely adhered/fixed to wall with a combination fixing brackets/lock wire /crews and plugs.

A final manual pressure test must be applied to ensure fireplace is fixed to the wall safely and securely, in accordance with all fireplace fitting regulations. If NOT– Granaghan will not continue fitting the fireplace and will remove the fireplace if deemed unsafe.

NOTE– This information is for guidance purposes only. As the installation of a fireplace is a highly skilled process we do insist that all our products must be installed by experienced and competent fitters. 

The information solely covers the installation of fireplaces, hearths and back panels.  For additional products such as stoves and fires please refer to the instruction Manual and guidance notes within to ensure environmental compatibility and the fireplace being used in tandem.  Fixing brackets, lock wire, screws, plugs and silicon’s are to be supplied and fixed by the experienced installer/retailer. They are not supplied by Fireplaces N.I.